Publishing scholarly books in the arts and humanities is becoming increasingly difficult. More and more frequently, manuscripts that are thoroughly researched, well-written, and enthusiastic received by specialized editors are ultimately rejected, even by presses basically invested in the field, for fear of only limited marketability.   With us, only quality counts. In our internet library, we provide a publication forum for the research of proven scholars – studies by university professors, dissertations (with distinction only), habilitations, and writings by recommended independent scholars. Furthermore, we produce the study as a classical paperback in response to special orders from libraries and individual buyers. In both formats, each publication receives an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), copyright protection, as well as advertising in the media of the traditional and the electronic book trade.
     With this tandem, we offer a combination of two risk-free and cost-efficient modes of publication. Your studies will no longer be stored as physical objects on the shelves of a warehouse, but as electronic masters on a server. Students and colleagues in your field, who are anyway more likely to work with library copies rather than to buy their own copy of the book, benefit by having direct access to your insights on the internet and nonetheless being able to quote them professionally. Those who love to touch and keep your book will receive their own copy, produced and sent out immediately upon request.  
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Help with professional manuscript formating for book publications