Agreement and Basic Costs
     Our collaboration will be founded on the following agreement. You give Edition Gorz the exclusive license to publish, print, and sell your study for the duration of the contract. All other rights remain with you.  For all the services specified in what follows, you pay us an initial setting-up fee of 2 Euros per printed page as well as an annual flat fee of 30 Euros for the continued management of your publication in our internet library.

Format and design
     While the measurements for the print block on each page must for practical reasons be prescribed,  all other decisions are yours. Take note: length is no longer governed by minimum or maximum requirements. A fascinating study of a mere 80 pages is as welcome as the exhaustive treatment of a subject matter on a number of pages that would make a traditional book publisher shudder.
     For the publication of printed copies, we provide an attractive, standardized paperback cover. It will show on the front your name and title along with our logo (see photo), on the back, a biographical blurb, a brief abstract of the publication, and the ISBN. The first four pages with the information required by the book trade will be provided by us, the remainder by you.


Print Release and Cataloguing
     As soon as you have delivered us a complete set of PDF or postscript files, we compile a digital master. We then print a reference copy and mail it to you, waiting for you to send us the official release form.
     Once you have given us the formal go-ahead, we will apply—at our expense but in your name—for copyright protection. We will then take the necessary steps to get your publication catalogued for the classical and online book trade. Your title is now ready for worldwide orders. On every request, it will be promptly printed, bound, and mailed. You yourself can also order copies for gifts and direct distribution.  If you order 25 or more copies to be prepared for you with the initial print run, we can grant you an author’s discount of  50%.


Presentation Copies and Reviews
     For all publications issued in Germany, the law stipulates that two free copies must be handed over to “Die Deutsche Bibliothek” [The German Library]. This guarantees that your book will be listed in the catalogue of the German National Library. Should you so desire, we offer this service against payment of the book-on-demand cost calculated for your title (see below) but at no additional cost.
     We recommend that you yourself alert potential reviewers to the online presence of your publication.  Should you want your internet readers to know about a reviewer's assessment, the text may be mounted on our homepage and linked to your title at no additional cost. We offer the same service also for reviews initially written for printed journals. In both cases we will ask you to provide us with the reviewers’ addresses so that we may write to obtain their permission and to assure that they are real persons (and not an author’s alias).


     We ask that you provide us with an abstract of your study, to be used for advertising on the internet and in electronic information sent to book shops and libraries. This abstract should be composed both in the language in which your study appears, and in one of the four international languages. Should you have written in English, we provide you with the space for an additional abstract in French, German, or Spanish.

     You are required to provide a legally binding statement, to be inserted on the first even-numbered page (the back of the inside title page), in which you warrant that all thought in your texts that are not otherwise qualified constitute your own intellectual property, that the given text in the given language is not published elsewhere, that you take sole responsibility for possible violations of copyright.

Editing and Proofing
     Please note that we expect to receive your electronic “fair copy.” Edition Gorz does not provide editing of any kind, and cannot respond to requests that we “just look the text over and make a few comments.” All responsibility for accuracy of content and language rests with you.

Sales Price and Royalty Payments
     The production price of a book printed on demand is composed of a basic fee of 10 Euros (which includes the cost for the paperback cover and our handling) plus 7.5 Euro cents for each black-and-white page. For reasons of promotion, 10 cents are then subtracted from the resulting sum. A 200-page book would thus have a sales price of 24.90 Euro.
     You are welcome and encouraged to include color illustrations in the online version of your publication. As long as these may appear in the printed copy as black-and-white variants, this will not increase the production cost. Things change should you decide that you want also your hard copies to be illustrated in color. In case your study is to contain any number of color pages consolidated in only one place, the charge for each color-printed page will be 0,30 Euro. Should you wish to have colored pages appear at specific, non-consolidated places, practicality requires that the entire manuscript be printed with a color printer. In this case, each page will cost 0,30 Euro. The sales price of a 200-page book will thus rise to 69,90 Euros. We recommend this only for art-historical studies.
     Production costs can only be lowered if sales allow to print larger numbers of identical books. For this reason we will not be able to pay any royalties for the first 500 copies. Thereafter you will receive 10% of the sales price for every sold copy. Statements showing copies sold and royalties paid will be sent out biannually throughout the contract period.


Your Right – Our Right
     As long as we have not become active for you, you have the right to withdraw your publication project without giving any reasons. We in turn reserve the right not to accept a project either because of momentary work overload or (presumably seldom) because of a perceived incompatibility of contents or persons.

Formating                Catalogue

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