Tze-wan Kwan, editor
Responsibility and Commitment
Eighteen Essays in Honor of Gerhold K. Becker

     Responsibility and Commitment is an anthology compiled in celebration of the sixty-fifth birthday of Gerhold K. Becker, a wayfarer among cultures, a conveyor of humanistic learning and values, and a most treasured friend of the following authors from around the world:
Boredom and the Beginning of Philosophy (Chan-fai Cheung)
The Possible Role of Religion in Secular Bioethics (Ole Döring)
Rediscovering the Golden Rule for a Globalizing World (Georges Enderle)
Human Dignity within Secularity (Robert Gascoigne)
Dignity in Western vs. Chinese Culture (Daryl Koehn)
Kant’s Possible Contribution to Natural Law Debates (Tze-wan Kwan)
Derrida’s Hermeneutics of Friendship and its Political Implications (Kwok-ying Lau)
Cultural Policy Addresses and Women’s Rights in Hong Kong (Eva Kit-wah Man)
The Theology of Karl Rahner in an Asian Contexte (Peter Fumiaki Momose)
Reflections on the State of the Ecumenical Movement (Peter Neuner)
Exploring the Core of Humanity (Jing-Bao Nie)
Verantwortung and Verbindlichkeit in German (Rudolf Post)
Training Students in Responsibility and Social Commitment (Stephan Rothlin)
Intrapersonal Ascriptions of Responsibility (Maureen Sie)
The Globalization of Responsibility (Michael Sievernich)
Reading Levinas on Ethical Responsibility (Kajornpat Tangyin)
Responsibility and Humor (Elizabeth Telfer)
Categorial Analysis of Religions (Reiner Wimmer)

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