Responsibility and Commitment
Eighteen Essays in Honor of Gerhold K. Becker

Edited by Tze-wan Kwan

Table of Contents
Introduction (Tze-wan Kwan)

Georges Enderle
Rediscovering the Golden Rule for a Globalizing World
Jing-bao Nie
Exploring the Core of Humanity:
Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Concept of Personhood
Elizabeth Telfer
Responsibility and Humor
Maureen Sie
Intrapersonal Ascriptions of Responsibility

Robert Gascoigne
Human Dignity within Secularity,
in the Light of a Theology of Church and Kingdom
Reiner Wimmer
Categorial Analysis of Religions:
A Step on the Way toward Interreligious Peace*
Michael Sievernich
The Globalization of Responsibility:
Marginal  Notes on Ethics and Religion*
Peter Neuner
Ecumenical Commitment:
Reflections on the State of the Ecumenical Movement*
Peter Fumiaki Momose
The Responsibility of the Christian Faith in Today’s Religious Pluralism:
The Theology of Karl Rahner in an Asian Context*

Chan-fai Cheung
Boredom and the Beginning of Philosophy
Kajornpat Tangyin
Reading Levinas on Ethical Responsibility
Kwok-ying Lau
Non-Familiarity and Otherness:
Derrida’s Hermeneutics of Friedship and its Political Implications
Rudolf Post
Verantwortung (Responsibility) and Verbindlichkeit (Commitment) in German:
A Study of Lexical History and Semantic Change*
Tze-wan Kwan
Kant’s Possible Contribution to Natural Law Debates

Daryl Koehn
Dignity in Western vs. Chinese Culture:
Theoretical Overview and Practical Illustrations
Ole Döring
The Possible Role of Religion in Secular Bioethics:
Reflections on the Case of China
Eva Kit-wah Man
Some Reflections on Cultural Policy Addresses and Women’s Rights in Hong Kong
Stephan Rothlin
Training Students in Responsibility and Social Commitment:
Fragments of a Concept for an “Oriental University”

Index of Names
The Contributors
Gerhold K. Becker: A Bio-bibliography
* translated from the German
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