Chan-Fai Cheung

Existential Questions
Life, Love and Death

Chinese and Western Answers

Title and Copyright
Preface by David Carr

Part I: Human Existence     

On the Problem of the Distinction Between Man and Animal
      Tang Chun-i on Human Existence:
            A Phenomenological Interpretation
Heidegger and Lao Sze-Kwang on Human Finitude
Boredom and the Beginning of Philosophy
Can my Mind be Mad?
            A Daseinsanalytic Interpretation of Mental Illness         
One World or Many Worlds?
            On Intercultural Understanding

Part II:  Love, Desire and Death
      The Western and Chinese Ideas of Love
      Western Love, Chinese Qing:
            A Philosophical Interpretation of the Idea of Love
            in Romeo and Juliet and Liang-Zhu (or The Butterfly Lovers)
      Between Myself and Others:
            Towards a Phenomenology of the Experience of Love
On the Possibility of a Phenomenology of Philia
      Tang Chun-is Philosophy of Love
            On the Tension between Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Autonomy
            of Chinese Women in the Ming Period
      The Phenomenon of Death and Dying:
            A Meditation on My Mortality
      Hell: On the Absolutization of Suffering       

Part III:  Utopia
      Another Place, Another Time:
            A Phenomenological Reflection on Utopia

Index of Names

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